August 13, 2010

Kirk Webster Queen Bees Doing Good

I went to the home yard today to check on the Two Story Nukes we are going to offer for sale later this month. The Queens are from Kirk Webster’s stock. They are all looking good. Looks like we will have about 20 two story colonies of Russian Northern Bees for sale in the next two weeks. We have more bees than we want to overwinter. They have their winter stores on board.

Not all of them are spoken for, so were are taking reservations at

Have a great evening.

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January 10, 2010

“New England Farms Beekeeping and Apiary Management Winter Seminar and Training Series with Mike Palmer”

“New England Farms Beekeeping and Apiary Management Winter Seminar and Training Series presents Lunch with Mike Plamer”

Mike Palmer is a very successful commercial beekeeper and queen breeder. He will discuss the systems he uses for managing 600 plus colonies for honey production as well as his system for over wintering nukes.

Mike has a lot of information to impart in a manner that is easily understood and enjoyable.

April 10, 2010 10:00 am – 3:00 PM (Originally scheduled for February 27, 2010)

10:00 AM   Nucs are not just for Increase Anymore

12:00 noon Buffet Lunch with Mike

1:00 PM     Wintering Nukes

$25.00 per person, includes lunch and breaks, door prizes, a portion from each participant fee will be donated to the Vermont Beekeepers Association for the New Beekeepers Scholarships. Reservations are requested. Participants will also receive discounts from the sponsor on the day of the event. Seminar sponsor and location is New England Farms, 31 Main Street, Granville New York 12832. 518-642-3270 email See for directions, reservations and discount information.

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